Friday, June 24, 2011

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 2 (Manual) 1990 2800C.C Diesal @ RM42,000

Customs Stainless Steel Roof Rack

New Front to back floor carpet & side panel

Full 8 Seater

Off set Japan Sport Rim
Dashboard changed to Japan LJ79 Model

Rear Spare Tyre Cover & Custom Stainless Steel Ladder

Black 2K Paint

Front Stainless Steel Bull Bar & Big Sport Light

8 Seater Seat

- Toyota LC2 3L 2800C.C DIESEL,
- SS Bull Bar & sport light,
- Tip top condition,
- Black 2K Paint,
- Full 8 seater ,
- SS roof rack
-SS rear ladder
-Tip Top Condition GearBox
- Clean & well kept interior,
- Very well maintained,
- Never offroad weekend car only
-Auto Switch Hub Lock
-Air Cond Just Service
-New Carpet from front to back
- pls call 012-6109311 to for detail
Selling RM42,000

Sunday, July 25, 2010


其实我第一次接触到越野都是败在这本书。有一天我去到朋友的motor 店里就发现了这本书,好奇的打开来看,发现里面的内容满精彩的便借了回去看。就在那时开始一发不可收, 看到里面的越野车和探险之让我热血飞腾。 非要拥有我的越野车来挑战越野之旅不可。
消息。 中于在巧合的情况下我便参加了我人生的第一次越野之旅。

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


越野汽车用英文来代替是off road vehicle 真正意义上的越野一定是要具备在无路条件下可以行驶的车辆。现今的绝大部份SUV在这个意义上都无法列入越野车的阵营。但这拼不重要,越野是 一种态度,只要有热爱这项运动的心屁股低下是什么装备都不在重要,那怕是ATV照样可以帮你找到OFFROAD的快感。

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Suzuki Vitara Modification

Suzuki Vitara
Roof rack,Aluminium Snorkel,sport light

Jerry can,lift jack , spare tyre

Lift jack , custome rear bar

Side protector

Toyota Land Cruiser II Collection 1

越野之友 - 放毒的传统

时光流,青春不再,频频回首,又抓不住, 庆幸的是,我们还有镜头可以记录下 越野经验和那些青春的时光。有时候, 快乐不能一个人独享,有好玩的开心的当然带上朋友。

我和好朋友, MR.Jackson 到越野比赛场地。我们的传统放毒就是带人,给没有接触到越野的人
放毒。他们第一time 出来后就被中毒了,第二time 出来就开越野车出来玩。


Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new baby Toyota Land Cruiser II.

My 1st 4wd car (Daihatsu Feroza 1990)

It been six month since i sold off my Daihatsu Feroza. This is my 1st 4WD i brought after my 1st sigh (一见种情). This car give me alot of 1st time, my 1st 4wd vehicle, 1st 4wd camp & train, 1st car broke , 1st champion in 4wd competition. Since that i fall in love in 4WD (越野之毒).Because of that i establish Kaki Offroad 4x4 Adventure Club 越野之友. In this blog i like to share my experience i had in 4WD. 4WD venture provides thrills, sheer enjoyment and unrestricted nerve-tingling excitement that is beyond words. I strongly recommended this to all adventure enthusiasts!

My 2nd 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser II

This is my 2nd 4WD brough at years 2010. A Toyota Land Cruiser II. Manufactured in 1991 (M) 2800cc diesal 3L engine. Since i sold off my Daihatsu i being looking for 4WD around my place. But no news , some are very expensive, condition very bad or not my taste. At last one day i drop by my friend work shop for chatting, and i ask "friends any Land Cruiser 2 for sale?"My friends say "Don't have lah bro!.....Wait i think last week got some one offer me to sell of her Land Cruiser. I try to contact my friend and call u back to comfirm". I say "Ok bro wait for ur good new".That day i receive my friend call and there 1 LC2 for sales. I quickly aggre and go look for the car. Finally i saw this green color LC2. My friend ask me. "Do you want this car?" I say "Yes I Do "this is what i want.